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YouTube Alerts Canadians to Internet Censorship in Bill C-11

Bill C-11 is being promoted by Canada in order to strengthen the Canadian Broadcasting System. The issue is that, while the liberals claim to want to safeguard Canadian sovereignty and broadcasting, the measure allows for regulatory oversight of anything on the Internet.

Many independent operators, streamers, YouTubers, and others are concerned that they will be able to control what Canadians view.
Bill C-11 has prompted YouTube to issue a warning to Canadian YouTubers.

It will force the majority of YouTubers to leave Canada for other countries. Everything on the Internet will be censored as a result of it. Currently, the free market provides for the availability of videos from all countries.

Stuff makers will only be allowed to create content that is appropriate in Canada.

Bill C-11 is said to have as one of its main goals for foreign streaming firms to invest heavily in the creation of Canadian content. According to The Toronto Star, this is the case. Many of the services are based in the United States and generate billions in revenue from Canadian viewers. They want to change that and safeguard Canadian sovereignty and values, according to them.

Prevents foreign audiences from accessing online streaming services

The Online Streaming Act, or Bill C-11, establishes the CRTC to regulate online services like as Netflix. It does, however, provide the CRTC regulatory jurisdiction over user-generated content.

The bill, according to Justin Tomchuk, who owns two huge YouTube channels, “potentially destroy” his channels’ international visibility. This represents 97 percent of his audience.

It has a lot of flaws, according to Open Media.

According to reports, Canadians will see less of the stuff they desire. Bill C-11 will “increase visibility” for some legally recognized Canadian content creators, according to the government. Manipulation of playlists, feeds, and algorithmic suggestions is their weapon for doing so. This means that the CRTC will decide who wins and who loses, forcing some officially approved content to “up” in feeds and recommendations. Other content will be downranked or hidden at the same time.

The stuff you WANT to watch is pushed down because it doesn’t meet the CRTC’s vision of CanCon [their point system].

Legacy media is vying for a piece of the action. Watch:

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