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A Justice’s Near-Murder Should Get More Attention Than Adorable Baking Pans

The attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice isn’t high on the Justice Department’s priority list, according to The New York Times. You’d think that the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court Justice and potentially his family would garner more attention, and that demonstrators would be barred.
That is not the case. The radicals, on the other hand, brought children who appeared to be harmless.
The Department of Justice continues to let dangerous organisations to assemble unlawfully outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home. Only yesterday, a highly armed man arrived at his home to assassinate him. Simultaneously, the media is downplaying the story.

Protesters marched in front of the justice’s residence on Wednesday, yelling pro-abortion chants, according to Julio Rosas.

The demonstrators also made their way to Chief Justice John Roberts’ residence.

It is against the law to threaten or intimidate a Supreme Court Justice, but no one in power will do anything about it. Even though Justice Kavanaugh and his entire family could have been assassinated yesterday, Democrats continue to allow it.

Nicholas John Roske, 26, was arrested for attempting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his residence yesterday.
According to the Justice Department, the Simi Valley resident was arrested with a pistol, two magazines, ammo, a knife, pepper spray, and zip ties.

He exited a taxi in front of Justice Kavanaugh’s house dressed in black and carrying a bag and suitcase, according to the DOJ.

Roske expressed his displeasure with the leaked SCOTUS abortion draught and the horrific murder in Uvalde to detectives.


He’s a left-wing lunatic, and the media isn’t interested in covering the subject. The New York Times is a good place to start. You must go all the way to the right at the bottom. Check to see if you can locate it. Look for the phrase “Armed man traveled to Justice Kavanaugh’s home…”

You’d think the attempted assassination of a Justice would make more headlines. Lifeguard shortages, fairy farms, adorable baking pans, and the televised, professionally produced J6 committee performance all appear to be higher on the list.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Independent Sentinel.

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