20 Bus Caravan Of Migrants Makes It’s Way To Texas Border

According to Bill Melugin, a Fox News Channel reporter, Mexican authorities escorted a group of migrants to the US-Mexico border. The migrants were then dropped off and taken to El Paso. This is the first instance that Mexican authorities have provided an escort for this many people at the border.

This incident occurred as part of a coordinated effort between non-governmental organizations and the Mexican authorities.

The El Paso sector has been overwhelmed by the influx of migrants. During the 24-hour period ending on Saturday, the area had over 2,500 crossings. On Sunday night, a group of 20 buses carrying migrants reached the border from Juarez, across from El Paso. The buses were stopped and handed over to the NGOs.

They walked across the river and then proceeded to El Paso. There are no facilities for handling the thousands of migrants that are expected to arrive in the area. Hundreds of them have been released into the streets.

As the temperature hovered around 50 degrees, the migrants gathered around several small makeshift fires near the West Bridge of the US Border Patrol. They waited for agents to call them.

The buses carrying the migrants reached Leona Vicario, a government-run shelter in Juarez. There, soldiers patrolled the entrance and fed and provided the migrants with water and warm clothes.

Despite the negative publicity about the southern border, the Biden administration might not pay much attention to it. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is scheduled to visit El Paso on Tuesday. He is reportedly going to meet with local officials and US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) employees.

The incoming Republican House majority might want to talk to Mayorkas about various issues. McCarthy threatened to remove him from his position if he didn't resign. He might want to visit El Paso to show that he went to the border recently.

In recent weeks, Mayorkas has been very vocal about his opposition to the notion that the border is open. He blamed Republicans for inciting illegal activities along the border. He also stated that the rhetoric of the Republicans encourages people to cross illegally.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants are being released into El Paso, which is causing chaos for local officials. This is happening just nine days before Title 42 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1996 ends. The city's soft-sided processing facility cannot handle the large number of people coming through. It is also expected that the number of migrants crossing the border will increase on December 21.

If you don't watch Fox News, you won't know about the dangerous and crazy situation along the southern border. The other cable news channels, which are mainly focused on covering the Biden administration, ignore the border crisis. It is a national security and humanitarian crisis that cannot be ignored. Even after a group of 20 buses carrying migrants arrived at the border, other networks still ignored the issue.

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