Arizona Gov. Makes His Own EPIC Border Wall

In Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey has been constructing a border wall by stacking shipping containers on top of each other. This makeshift barrier was created in areas where President Donald Trump's wall was not finished.

According to the New York Post, construction of a crude barrier made up of razor wire has been taking place in Arizona's eastern border, in defiance of the Biden Administration. This act of defiance came after the Biden Administration ordered a halt to the construction of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall. The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, then sued the federal government in response.

In response to Joe Biden's statements about the border, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced that the state would not back down. He said that the state would continue to secure the border.

Despite the unofficial method, securing the border is becoming increasingly difficult as the governor prepares to leave office. He will be replaced by Katie Hobbs, a Democrat who supports open borders. She won the election against Kari Lake, the Republican nominee.

In an interview, Hobbs stated that she did not know how much it would cost to remove the containers. She also said that she was considering converting the containers into affordable housing. She called the practice of stacking them as waste of resources.

The governor's action comes as the country is facing the largest influx of illegal immigrants in modern history. In the fiscal year 2022 that ended on September 30, US border officials apprehended over 2.38 million illegal aliens, which is a 37 percent increase from the previous year. With the annual total exceeding 2 million in August, the figures are now more than twice as high as those during Trump's presidency.

The increase in the number of immigrants entering the country illegally has been attributed to the promises made by Biden during his presidential campaign. These include providing amnesty and free education and housing.

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