Maxine Waters CAUGHT Funneling Campaign Funds To Her Own Daughter

The family of Rep. Maxine Waters is rich because of her campaign contributions. For instance, she paid her daughter $8,000 for an unnecessary mailing operation.

Here’s more from Fox Business:

"Over the years, Waters has given her daughter over a million dollars. In September, her re-election campaign paid $8,000 to her.

Over the years, Karen has received over $1 million from Rep. Waters' campaign for organizing slate-mailing activities.

According to a report filed by Citizens for Waters, the campaign paid the younger Waters $8,000 in June for "slate mailer management fees." This amount amounted to almost $50,000 for the year.

In federal elections, slate-mailing is an unusual practice that involves hiring a consulting firm to create a pamphlet that contains a list of candidates and policies, as well as advice on how to cast their ballots.

In the 2020 general election, Rep. Carolyn Waters was the only candidate in the country who used a slate-mailer operation.

In 2004, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Waters campaign had spent over a million dollars on various family members over the past eight years.

During this time, Waters stated that they did not have to answer questions about their expenditures. The campaign did not respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment."

In 2020, it was reported that the campaign of Rep. Maxine Waters paid her daughter $240,000 for her services.

The article claims that this practice has been going on for a long time, and it's just not ethical. There's no way to prove that this money actually ends up in Waters' pocket without conducting an investigation into her family's financial records.

It's a common practice for politicians to spend their campaign cash on legal services instead of directly depositing it into their bank accounts. In 2020, for instance, Ilhan Omar gave her husband's campaign almost $3 million. This money was then laundered through her family.

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