AOC Sparks CIVIL WAR In Democrat Party

In the 2018 elections, there were some good wins for Republicans, such as in Florida and New York. Although Lee Zeldin lost in New York, he was still roughly five points short of becoming the state's representative. His strong performance at the top of the ticket helped boost House races.

One of the most significant victories was in New York-17, where Mike Lawler defeated Sean Patrick Maloney, the DCCC chair. This was the first time a chair had been defeated in 40 years.

It was also made even better by the fact that, despite the victories, Sean Patrick Maloney blamed his fellow Democrats, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During his recall speech, he noted that the New York representative did not play a role in protecting the state's majority.

According to Sean Patrick Maloney, he was able to defeat an endorsed candidate in a primary, and he noted that he did not see how the newly elected representative would help the House majority during the 2018 elections.

He also noted that, despite the victories, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not play a role in protecting the House majority. She did not contribute to the campaigns of her fellow Democrats, nor did she pay any dues.

According to him, there are other voices that should be heard, especially after voters in suburban areas rejected the ideas that she supported, such as defunding the police. He noted that, even though she was an important figure in the political process, she was not able to stand up for what was right when it came to passing legislation.

On "Morning Joe," he took a shot at Kathy Hochul, the Democratic governor of New York. He also said that she did not have the popularity of the people.

According to him, in competitive House districts, candidates need to outperform the governor by over ten points. He also noted that it was a lot of work for a first-time candidate to outdistance the governor.

In response to his comments, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a statement on Twitter, where she claimed that she had helped but that she was ignored by the former representative.

The two discussed the various factors that contributed to the Democrats' loss in New York. One of these is the progressives' decision to defund the police. According to him, he thought that he could win the election, but he didn't put the time in. Also, he insulted the voters by telling them that they could eat "Chef Boyardee." Republicans offered a different solution to address the issue of crime.

They noted that the Democrats should come together as a group and let the left rip each other up, as this is how they will win. This is how they will be able to point out how they will be able to improve the country.

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