REPORT: Bernie Sanders Preparing 2024 Campaign

Even though the Democrats won the midterms, some on the Left believe that Joe Biden is already past his sell-by date. The president has not officially announced that he's running for president again, but he made an appearance at a state dinner with Emmanuel Macron, the 44-year-old French president.

Although the presidential race in 2024 is still a long way off, another prominent Democrat, such as Bernie Sanders, is considering running. If Biden decides that he's too old to continue serving as the country's leader, another candidate would of course need to step in.

Although Sanders is older than Biden, Biden does sometimes appear to be suffering from dementia. As for the presidential race in 2024, Sanders will be 83 years old when the election takes place. He has a clear advantage over Biden simply by being mentally sound.

According to Faiz Shakir, who is an adviser for the Vermont senator, Sanders is considering throwing his hat into the ring. Shakir said that if Sanders were to run for president, he would have to give it a hard look. He noted that given his age, it would be his decision whether or not to run.

Shakir noted that the age issue is also a factor that Sanders has to consider, as Biden is already past his sell-by date. He said that the President would have to make a decision regarding his health and his desire to continue serving the country. If the presidential race were an open field, Shakir said that he's confident that Sanders would still decide to run.

According to Shakir, if Biden decides that he wants to continue serving as the country's leader, then Sanders would have to defer to him. Shakir noted that Biden has to be sincere about running for president in 2024. If both candidates make a 2024 appearance, then Biden and Sanders would be the oldest two candidates in the presidential race.

Written by Staff Reports

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