Biden Accuses GOP Of Defunding The Police

President Joe Biden is once again accusing Republicans of being responsible for an issue that is actually caused by his own party. Recently, Biden wrongly accused Republican lawmakers of advocating for the defunding of law enforcement, when in reality, the majority of Republicans support increasing funding for the police and standing by law enforcement.

Biden visited survivors of a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California and tried to portray himself as a president who is strong on crime ahead of the 2024 election. Unfortunately, instead of solely focusing on the issue at hand, he used the opportunity to criticize Republicans and push for more stringent gun regulations that could potentially violate our Second Amendment rights.

Biden's accusations that Republicans are in favor of defunding the police and eliminating the FBI are completely unfounded. Although there have been some Republicans who have proposed reducing funding for the FBI due to issues with misconduct and political bias, it has been exclusively the Democrats who have advocated for defunding the police, particularly after the 2020 George Floyd riots. In fact, even Vice President Kamala Harris commended then-L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti for planning to reduce the city's police department budget by $150 million.

It's well known that the Democratic Party supports defunding the police and advocating for policies that are perceived as lenient on crime, which have resulted in a decline in safety levels in cities throughout the United States. Recently, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's spokesperson criticized Biden for attempting to divert attention away from his unconvincing budget proposal.

In conclusion, Biden’s accusations against Republicans are utterly false, and Vice President Kamala’s praise of cutting funding from the police department is evidence that defunding the police rhetoric had originated from the Democrats. Biden should focus on keeping our country safe and stop promoting unconstitutional gun laws.

Written by Staff Reports

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