Biden Appoints Kamala as ‘AI Czar’ to Oversee AI Development

The White House has announced that Vice President Kamala Harris will be in charge of overseeing Artificial Intelligence (AI) development in the United States. Many critics have called this an awful decision since AI’s power could be world-changing, and the vice president has never shown a particular inclination for specializing in AI before. Some industry experts believe she will lack the proper knowledge and qualifications to handle such a role.

It is vital to note that in recent years, significant technology thinkers such as Elon Musk have expressed troubling concerns about the rise of a super-intelligent AI and how it could spell the doom of humanity if not controlled carefully. Nevertheless, Kamala Harris has now been tasked by President Joe Biden to head the seven new AI research institutes that will ensure that the technology is deployed appropriately in America, to maximize its potential and reap its benefits.

Even many others have been quick to express their concern with this news, indicating that it could highly be a misplaced decision. A prominent critic of the Vice President’s capabilities commented that, “Ideally, such a job might be awarded to one of the brighter minds of our generation, but instead, we get cackling Kamala, who’s now overseeing civilization-changing technology. If that doesn’t scare you to death, it’s hard to imagine what would.”

However, the plan of implementing seven new AI research institutes aims to ensure the smooth operation of AI in America by creating public evaluations of the program’s performance. Leading AI developers and corporations, including Amazon, OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, have already been called to participate.

It’s safe to state that Harris’s appointment as AI czar will raise some eyebrows, but we hope that she can exceed the expectations of the many critics who have already taken to social media to express their skepticism about her qualifications.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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