Biden Declares War on Energy Independence: Rule Threatens Fossil Fuel Shutdown

The Biden administration has once again shown its true colors by announcing a new rule that aims to “end fossil fuels” and force a disastrous “energy transition” onto the American people. This latest attempt to legislate by executive fiat is nothing more than a retread of the Obama-era “Clean Power Plan” that will destroy America’s energy independence, lead to higher energy prices, and make the country more vulnerable to blackouts.

The EPA’s new rule will mandate that most coal- and natural gas-fired power plants in the U.S. reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by a staggering 90 percent over a five-year period beginning in 2035 or be shuttered by federal regulators. This aggressive and unnecessary regulation will require costly retrofits of existing power plants and a complete redesign of planned future plants in the United States.

The Energy Information Administration reports that there are currently 269 plants using primarily coal to generate power and 2,020 using natural gas. If the Biden administration succeeds in their plan, they will go after plants responsible for around 60 percent of America’s current electricity production system.

This proposal is a prime example of an unelected executive agency run amok with a single-minded agenda of eliminating fossil fuels and controlling how Americans produce and consume energy regardless of the costs or consequences. The plan will result in the immediate retirement of reliable electricity generation, with nothing to replace it.

This is a nationalization of the utility industry, and it is a dream come true for a hostile China, who will continue to power their economies on affordable coal and other conventional energy sources. It will be the death knell of America’s global economic competitiveness and could lead to the loss of countless jobs.

The Biden administration’s new rule is simply a continuation of their anti-American, anti-energy agenda and is sure to face swift legal challenges. The EPA is attempting to bypass Congress and legislate through executive fiat, which is unconstitutional.

The American people should not tolerate this government overreach, and should instead fight back against this blatant attempt to close down power plants and kill American energy jobs. It is time for Congress to act and introduce a Congressional Review Act resolution of disapproval to protect workers and families from these latest job-killing regulations and government overreach.

Simply put, Biden’s energy agenda is a threat to reliable and affordable U.S. energy, as well as American and Louisiana jobs. It is time for Americans to wake up and say “no” to this disastrous policy before it is too late.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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