MSNBC Host Joy Reid Insults Conservative Women As ‘Womb Slaves’ In Latest Attack

MSNBC host Joy Reid has taken a swipe at conservative women calling them “womb slaves” for their views opposing leftist politics. She used the term to refer to people in traditionally Republican states reacting to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Reid accused the Republican party of listening to and being influenced by only Fox News and the Daily Caller among other right-wing media houses. The Majority of Americans; even a big plurality of Republicans do not want abortion to be illegal, according to Reid, who chastises the GOP for failing to message this issue correctly.

Though as a conservative Republican news writer, I have to say, it’s hardly a surprise. Liberals have always operated on the principle that unless you are an advocate for pro-choice, you are a traitor to the female sex. These people claim to support the sisterhood, but when women dare to dissent from the leftist views, they immediately brand them gender traitors. It is apparent that Reid has assumed the worst about conservative women, believing them to be too ignorant to form coherent views about their body.

It is ironic that Reid, who works at MSNBC, had the nerve to mention the repercussions of media bubbles on political perspectives. After all, is MSNBC not a liberal echo chamber where only one viewpoint is presented? It is only there to maintain the low blood pressure of the leftists.

The GOP must develop better messaging tactics to combat the Democrats’ propaganda machine, which is doing an admirable job of allowing the leftist views to dominate the abortion discussion. The conservative movement must understand that despite its passion for the pro-life stance, it is necessary to present a more nuanced argument to the broader public. The party must focus on conveying the message rather than expressing sentiment. As much as conservatives wish it to be otherwise, a total ban on abortions is off the table for now. The fight must shift from obstruction to regulation.

The priority for the Republican side of the isle must be to realize that the Democrat’s prowess in messaging doesn’t bode well for the future of the conservative movement. They cannot allow the Democrats to have an edge on this issue. They must have a clear and precise platform that puts forth a united opinion and finds a way to execute that opinion while being persuasive enough to not split the party. The Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election must be prepared for an assault on the abortion issue and ready to deliver a cohesive and effective platform that will safeguard the conservative movement from torpedoing like it did in the 2012 Todd Akin moment.

Written by Staff Reports

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