Biden Forces Arizona Gov. To Take Down His Border Wall

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey agreed to remove shipping containers that are currently being used as barriers along the state's southern border.

A lawsuit was brought against the state of Arizona by the Biden administration, which claimed that the border wall was illegal and damaging to the US. According to court documents, the state agreed to stop all activities related to the use of shipping containers on federal lands.

According to the document, the administration of Governor Doug Ducey will remove all shipping containers and other related equipment on January 4.

In August, Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order that allowed the authorities to close 3,820 feet of border in just 11 days. The initiative was expanded to other areas of the border. In November, 6,680 feet of shipping containers were stacked two-high in Cochise County.

The Biden administration sued the state of Arizona after the governor refused to remove the shipping containers from federal lands in Yuma County. Officials from the state told the former vice president's team that the containers would remain until a border barrier was built.

In August, a section of the border barrier collapsed, and the construction workers claimed that it was caused by the wind. However, the governor's office attributed the incident to foul play.

C.J. Karamargin, a spokesperson for the governor, stated that the border barrier was a stop-gap measure that was designed to reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country. He said that the state and federal governments were working together to ensure that the barrier was built quickly.

The announcement came following the Supreme Court's ruling on Title 42, which gave commanders the power to stop immigration as an emergency measure to prevent the spread of diseases in the country. Cities such as El Paso had been preparing for the influx of migrants.

According to a report released by the Federation of American Immigration Reform, around 4.9 million migrants entered the country under the leadership of the Biden administration. Around 66 individuals from a terror watch list were apprehended at the border between Oct. 2021 and July 2022. In the previous five-year period, only 30 individuals from this list had been apprehended at the border.

According to a report released by the Center For Immigration Studies, the number of people who were arrested for crimes under the Biden-era policies had decreased significantly. The report also noted that the number of convicted criminals being deported had dropped significantly. Jessica Vaughan, the director of the institute's policy studies, said that the country's immigration enforcement had drastically decreased under the former vice-president's policies.

"The policies of the former vice-president exempted most criminal aliens from deportation. They also imposed new paperwork and procedures on US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers."

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