TikTok Star Sued After Accusing Professor of Killing Four Students

A history professor at the University of Idaho is suing a TikTok character for claiming that she was the one who carried out the murders of four students.

Ashley Guillard, who is referred to as a cyber-sleuth, accused Rebecca Scofield of committing the crimes. She claims that she can solve crimes through psychic readings.

According to Guillard, Scofield had a relationship with one student who was killed. She then planned the murders with a fellow student.

Scofield’s attorney Wendy Olson released a statement to deny the allegations against her. She noted that the statements made about her client are untrue. The statements have also created safety issues for the professor and her family.

The statements made by Guillard have also created a lot of distress for the families of the victims. They have also hindered the efforts of law enforcers to find the individuals responsible for the crimes. According to the statement, Scofield has sent multiple cease and desist letters to Guillard, but she still continues to make false claims. This lawsuit was brought to protect her reputation.

According to the lawsuit, Guillard posted six videos on TikTok on November 28, 2022, in which she claimed that Scofield was responsible for the deaths of the four students, and that she ordered the execution of them. Two of the videos featured the TikTok character stating that Scofield was involved with one of the victims, K.G.

The lawsuit claims that the statements posted by Guillard on TikTok have caused severe security concerns for Scofield and her family. They also caused her financial loss.

According to the complaint, Scofield is afraid for her own safety and that of her family. She has also spent a lot of money on security measures such as installing a security camera in her home. She believes that Guillard's statements could motivate others to commit crimes against her.

In response to the lawsuit, Guillard stated that she is not stopping. She also questioned why Scofield needed a team of lawyers if she was so innocent.

Guillard also stated that she doesn't care what people say about Scofield. She claims that she was the one who carried out the plan.

The police in Idaho have stated that they will not tolerate online harassment, and it could lead to criminal charges.

The Moscow police stated that they have been monitoring the online activities of individuals who are linked to the case. They have also been warning people about the potential consequences of their actions. The police noted that anyone who engages in harassment or threats online or in person could be subject to criminal charges.

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