Biden’s Drone Strike Fails, Kills Innocent Father of 10

The Biden administration’s track record with drone strikes continues to raise concerns about their competency and transparency. Officials at the Pentagon are now facing pushback from locals, who claim that a civilian with no affiliations with Al-Qaeda was an unintended target of their latest drone strike. Sources within the U.S. Central Command have now admitted that they are doubting their original claim that they killed a senior Al-Qaeda leader.

The victim of the drone strike, Lotfi Hassan Misto, was a simple bricklayer who tended to his chicken farm and did not even own a phone. Despite this, US intelligence claimed that he had connections with the terrorist organization, a claim that Misto’s family adamantly denies. The lack of response from Al-Qaeda raises further questions about the reliability of US intelligence and their ability to effectively target the correct individuals.

Last year, the Biden administration promised greater transparency about their drone strikes following accusations of cover-ups in instances of civilian casualties. However, the military’s ability to carry out targeted attacks successfully remains in question after an errant strike in 2021 killed 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children. The lack of information provided by the US military regarding their methodology only fuels the suspicion of their actions and motives.

In the end, Misto’s death highlights the incompetence and lack of transparency from the Biden administration when it comes to targeted drone strikes. The government should be held accountable for the civilian casualties they cause and should prioritize transparency to ensure the accuracy of their intelligence and the validity of their intended targets.

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