Biden’s Secret Plan: Funding Anti-Terror Propaganda to Target Conservatives!

The US government has been secretly funding a program that aims to demonize conservatives by awarding millions of dollars in grants to organizations that are supposedly dedicated to promoting online critical thinking and media literacy. The program, which was uncovered by the Media Research Center, is part of the Biden administration's efforts to demonize those who are conservative.

One of the organizations that received a grant from the Department of Education was the University of Dayton. It was able to spend over $352,000 on a seminar that discussed how antifascist groups could de-platform certain conservative groups. Michael Loadenthal, a member of the group ANTIFA, was one of the speakers at the seminar. He reportedly understood that what they were doing, which included breaking the law, was illegal.

Through a grant from the TVTP program, the University of Dayton's PREVENTS-OH initiative organized seminars that equated various organizations, including the Republican Party and Fox News, with extremist groups. The speakers at these events, which were also attended by other prominent individuals, used outrageous and biased terms.

The goal of the program, which was initially focused on terrorism, has been to target Christians and the Republican Party in a direct and aggressive manner. Following the MRC's revelation about this program, the American people should be aware of the abuse of power by members of the federal government. They should demand that those who abuse their positions be held accountable.

The Biden administration's efforts to target political opponents are a common pattern. In addition to labeling parents as terrorists, the administration has also launched various other initiatives to undermine Christians, the Republican Party, and conservatives. Democrats are using taxpayer funds to attack conservative values and political opponents.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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