BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Speaks About Her Retirement

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House Minority, has said that it is possible that she may not be a member of Congress for a very long time.

Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat representing California in the House of Representatives, discussed the prospect of stepping down from her position during an interview that took place on Monday with Anderson Cooper of CNN. Throughout the course of the conversation, she continued to bring up the recent assault that had been perpetrated by her husband.

After discovering that David DePape had assaulted her spouse, the Speaker of the House said that she feared for her safety when asked how she felt about the situation. It is said that DePape is not just an illegal immigrant but also a drug addict and a nudist. This information comes from word on the street.

As a result of recent polls showing that the Republicans are most likely to regain control of the House of Representatives, the likelihood of Nancy Pelosi being able to keep her position as Speaker of the House is dropping. This is bad news for Pelosi’s prospects of keeping her job.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

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