Judge SUPSENDS Steve Bannon Prison Sentence

A delay of the former White House strategist Steve Bannon's prison sentence has been granted by the judge who will preside over his case in the United States District Court, Carl Nichols. Bannon was set to begin serving his term on Monday. Because he disobeyed a congressional subpoena, he was given a sentence.

According to the order,"the Court finds that the Defendant, Stephen K. Bannon, (a) is not likely to flee or pose a danger to the safety fo any other person or the community if released and (b) that his appeal is not taken for the purpose of delay but rather raises substantial question of law that is likely to result in a reversal or an order for a new trial."

"Accordingly," it continues, "it is ORDERED that the sentence in this case shall be STAYED pending Stephen K. Bannon’s appeal of his conviction."

In July, the court that presided over his trial decided that he was guilty of disobeying a congressional subpoena. In September of 2021, he was accused of refusing to comply with a subpoena that had been issued by the January 6 Committee. This committee was investigating the communications that took place between Donald Trump and previous officials of the White House. The committee was looking into any possible ties that might have existed between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The allegation that Trump incited a riot is the primary subject of the investigation being conducted by the committee. A number of others who were close to the president at the time are being investigated as well, and their communications are being looked into. Homes and electronic equipment belonging to people who are considered to be close acquaintances of the president have been searched over the course of the last few months.

It is believed that the choice made by the previous president to assert executive privilege was the reason why he did not cooperate with the subpoena issued to him. In October of 2021, a finding of contempt before Congress was made against him. After that, during the subsequent month, he reported himself to the FBI. During that time, the former White House strategist asserted that his communications were shielded from prying eyes.

After that, Trump wrote him a letter informing him that he was free to discuss the matter with the committee at any time. As a form of reaction, his legal team sent in a letter stating that they were prepared for him to testify.
After that, the committee said that it would not drop the allegations that were brought against him. It was highlighted that the contempt charges had been assessed, as well as the fact that he had still refused to comply with the subpoena in the past.

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