CNN Exposes Biden’s Border Wall U-turn: Hypocrisy Uncovered!

In an unexpected twist, CNN has practiced genuine journalism, revealing President Joe Biden's contradictory position on the southern border wall. Can you believe it? Even they couldn't overlook the glaring hypocrisy!

During a recent broadcast, CNN had the audacity to emphasize that Biden, who vehemently criticized the border wall throughout his campaign, is now overseeing its expansion. It's as if he woke up one day and realized that, just maybe, having a secure border isn't such a terrible idea after all.

Remember Biden's 2020 campaign pledge: no more wall construction during his term. Yet, surprisingly, his administration is now building a border wall in South Texas, citing an "urgent need." It's almost ironic how fast he's abandoned his promises.

Right from his first day in office, Biden emphatically stated that a massive wall across the entire southern border was not a practical policy solution. Clearly, he has since had a change of perspective – or maybe someone has influenced him to recognize that open borders aren't aligned with "national security."

Millions of Americans, including conservatives, prioritize the rule of law and support stronger border security. The Department of Homeland Security has identified an urgent need for physical barriers and roads in specific areas of Texas due to high levels of illegal entry, with over 245,000 encountered in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Fiscal Year 2023 alone.

The response to Biden's border wall reversal has been swift and forceful. Conservatives are rightfully highlighting this blatant contradiction of his own words, while liberals are scrambling to defend his abrupt change of stance. But let's be honest, this is not about political party lines. It's about common sense and the security of our nation.

Ultimately, it's evident that Biden's stance on the border wall is mere political performance. He's willing to make whatever promises necessary for electoral success, only to reverse course once in office. This serves as yet another illustration of why we require leaders who stay true to their principles and prioritize the welfare of American citizens. The call for authentic transparency and accountability in our government is paramount, a quality that seems conspicuously absent in the Biden administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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