Democrats Push for Barbaric Late-Term Abortions

Maine is the latest battlefield in the war against the barbaric practice of late-term abortion. Over 1,500 outraged citizens descended on the state capitol on Monday to protest a shocking bill sponsored by the radical Democrats that seeks to permit abortion up until the very moment of birth.

This Democrat-sponsored bill flies in the face of all human decency and common sense, by repealing current laws that protect the sanctity of life after 24 weeks of gestation. Shockingly, abortions would be allowed at the discretion of a physician, up until birth, according to the bill’s wording.

The contempt for human life exhibited by the Democrat lawmakers was clear for everyone to see. While a mere 65 pro-abortion supporters could muster the energy to appear, the overwhelming majority of decent, God-fearing Mainers fought to have their voices heard. Testifying against the bill for hours on end, these patriots came from over 250 towns across the state, determined to take a stand for the unborn.

But instead of giving these freedom-defending citizens a fair hearing, the Democrat lawmakers shamefully and undemocratically made it harder for the opposition to speak up, shortening the time allotted for opponents to a mere one minute. This is unacceptable behavior by elected officials who are supposed to represent all their constituents, not just the fanatics on the far-left.

It is clear that this deranged bill must be stopped in its tracks before it can further damage our society and degrade our moral compass. Representative Laurel Libby perfectly summed up the mood of the people of Maine, stating that “Hundreds of Mainers stepped up to represent the stance of the majority of her citizenry in tremendous, record-breaking opposition to this extreme legislation”.

The fact that Democrats are pushing for this bill despite the overwhelming opposition from the public should be a wake-up call for everyone who believes in the right to life. We will not stand idle while the powers that be promote such barbarism in the name of politics. The people of Maine have spoken, and we can only hope that their elected officials will listen.

Written by Staff Reports

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