DeSantis Just Activated the National Guard in Florida Migrant Crisis

As hundreds of migrants reportedly arrived in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis just activated the National Guard.

The governor's decision to deploy the troops comes as he and other Republicans have been fighting against the Biden administration over its immigration policy.

The governor, who is considering running for president in 2024, directed state agencies and law enforcers to provide resources to help local authorities deal with the influx of migrants in the Florida Keys.

In addition, the governor asked state agencies to provide additional support to help prevent the migrants from landing on Florida's beaches.

According to the governor, the state will be sharing helicopters and airplanes from the National Guard. It will also increase the marine patrol of a state agency.

According to DeSantis, around 300 migrants entered the state on New Year's Day. This figure is more than the 8,000 migrants that authorities apprehended at sea since August 2022.

According to a report by Politico, thousands of migrants from Cuba have been apprehended in the Florida Keys since October.

The governor said that the state would be deploying the National Guard to help address the issue of the influx of migrants. He also criticized the actions of Biden, who he said had ignored his responsibilities.

Several governors, including Arizona's Doug Ducey and Texas' Greg Abbott, have deployed troops to the border in response to the growing number of migrants.

Since he took office on Sunday, President Joe Biden is reportedly planning on visiting the border. According to Axios, the number of migrants crossing the southern border could reach 14,000 a day. This could affect the Trump administration's efforts to limit the number of people who can apply for asylum at the border.

According to officials, the plan would allow the migrants to apply for asylum and get humanitarian parole in certain countries for a month. Those who illegally enter would be sent to Mexico.

Written by Staff Reports

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