VIDEO: Fetterman COMPLETELY Lost While Being Sworn In

Another disaster unfolded in the US Senate as Kamala Harris swore in John Fetterman, who is from Pennsylvania. It felt like we were watching a train wreck, as he didn't seem to have a clue what was happening around him.

It was very unsettling to watch the scene unfold at the Capitol as Kamala Harris swore in John Fetterman, the new Senator from Pennsylvania. In his very first moments as a Senator, he seemed completely lost. It was a different kind of event, and it highlighted the chaotic nature of Harris’ Senate career.

It looked like an inmate photo instead of a Senate portrait. I assume his wife was busy making Instagram posts instead of asking him to look professional.

He looked lost, most likely due to how he was. At least, he wore a suit. Fetterman's official Senate portrait was released this week, and it appeared like the new senator had just rolled out of bed.

The actions of Fetterman were similar to those of someone who got into the Senate through fraud.

It's widely believed that Fetterman got into the Senate through fraud. His confirmation will likely seal the agreement of members of society that he shouldn't be in office.

This week, the official portrait of Fetterman was released. It seemingly showed him completely disregarding the requirements of an official photo.

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