DeSantis TORCHES Biden Admin’s Drag Queen Military Recruitment Strategy

The Biden administration is under fire again, this time from Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. On Friday, the governor criticized the administration’s military recruiting efforts, stating that the military has “lost its way” by using a drag queen to recruit new soldiers.  DeSantis was referring to Yeoman Second Class Joshua Kelley, who performs as a drag queen under the stage name “Harpy Daniels,” and was chosen to serve as a digital ambassador for the Navy in 2022. The Department of Defense has also lowered recruitment standards to address difficulties in finding new soldiers. 

DeSantis, a former Navy judge advocate general who served in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, argued that the military has lost sight of its mission, which is to fight and win wars. He noted that at the height of the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, recruitment was not an issue, as people understood the significance of stepping up to serve one’s country, even in conflicts that were not going well. This is in stark contrast to the current situation, where the military is having trouble finding new soldiers due to failed recruitment strategies.

The Republican governor believes that focusing on drag queens and other diversity efforts is not the way to improve recruitment numbers and boost morale. He argues that the military should focus on its mission and that when soldiers feel like they are part of something that matters, morale goes through the roof. DeSantis believes that restoring a sense of mission in the military is key to improving recruitment numbers and that nothing should detract from this mission.

In conclusion, it seems that Governor DeSantis is unhappy with the Biden Administration’s current recruitment efforts, especially when it comes to using drag queens to attract a new generation of soldiers. To improve recruitment numbers, the governor believes that a renewed focus on the military’s mission is crucial. While we do not know if the Biden Administration will change its recruitment strategies anytime soon, it seems clear that DeSantis will continue to advocate for a more focused and mission-driven military as he eyes a potential presidential run.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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