DOJ Targets War Room Host: Free Speech Under Attack!

In a shocking turn of events, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has recommended a 120-day prison sentence for conservative journalist Jonathan Owen Shroyer. It seems that speaking your mind and having a different opinion from the liberal elites is now a criminal offense.

Shroyer, a well-known host on the internet streaming program “The War Room” and Alex Jones’ InfoWars, has been a vocal critic of the 2020 election results. Like many Americans, he had concerns about the integrity of our election process. But according to the DOJ, expressing those concerns and disseminating information to his viewers is a crime.

The DOJ alleges that Shroyer played a significant role in the events leading up to the January 6th incident at the Capitol. They claim that his influence was so great that many of those who listened to him took part in the unfortunate events that day. But let’s be clear, Shroyer did not enter the Capitol building, and he certainly did not engage in any violent or criminal activity.

This is not the first time Shroyer has been targeted by the authorities for expressing his conservative views. In 2019, he was arrested for disrupting a House Judiciary Committee meeting. It seems that the left is determined to silence anyone who dares to challenge their narrative.

The DOJ’s sentencing memorandum reveals their true intentions. They want to punish Shroyer for daring to speak out against the liberal agenda. They are requesting a prison sentence, supervised release, community service, and restitution as if he has committed some heinous crime. It’s clear that they are trying to make an example out of him to intimidate other conservatives who dare to voice their opinions.

But many of Shroyer’s supporters argue that he was merely exercising his First Amendment rights. They see the DOJ’s actions as a dangerous overreach and an attack on free speech. And they’re right. The government should not have the power to silence those with differing opinions.

It’s also important to note that Shroyer’s name is added to the growing list of conservatives arrested for their involvement in the January 6th incident. Just last week, Joseph Biggs, a decorated veteran and Purple Heart recipient, was sentenced to a whopping 17 years in prison. These sentences are disproportionate and unjust considering the actions of these individuals.

While we condemn any violence or unlawful behavior, it’s clear that the DOJ is using these cases to push their own agenda. They want to portray conservatives as dangerous radicals and create fear among the American people. This is nothing more than political persecution.

It’s time for conservatives to stand up and defend our First Amendment rights. We cannot allow the government to silence us and dictate what we can or cannot say. The battle for free speech is far from over, and we must continue to fight against these unjust punishments. Jonathan Owen Shroyer is not a criminal; he is a patriot who must be protected.

Written by Staff Reports

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