Durham Report Exposes FBI Bias Against Trump – Finally, The Truth Is Revealed!

Finally, the Durham Report is out, confirming what many conservative Americans have known for years: the Russian collusion hoax was nothing but a wild goose chase, fueled by the Justice Department’s blatant bias against President Donald Trump. Half the country had already seen through the Democrats’ baseless accusations and now the report proves that Trump was right all along.

CNN’s Jake Tapper was frank about the report’s findings: they are devastating to the FBI and exonerate the former President. The FBI led an all-out assault on President Trump, slowing down the Clinton email probe but rushing to pin him as a Kremlin agent with the Russian collusion façade. The bureau’s politicized actions reveal their true colors as a deep state operation against Trump.

This report is the final blow to the FBI’s credibility as a professional, unbiased domestic intelligence agency. The evidence of their abuse and overreach throughout this investigation is staggering. The FBI knew the Steele Dossier was Russian disinformation but still used it to obtain spy warrants against people close to Trump.

Bias was the motivating force, as Durham’s report highlighted. It’s not new information – Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report in 2018 already acknowledged that the FBI had been biased in their investigation of the Clinton scandal. At that time, disgraced former FBI agent Peter Stroz and his mistress Lisa Page were exposed for their anti-Trump text messages. The media tried to spin the bias, claiming there was no evidence that their political views influenced the investigation’s course.

But the truth was all there, hidden in Horowitz’s semi-legalese findings. Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal was one who picked up on this bias, noting that it appeared everywhere, in everything from the texts between Stroz and Page, to the Justice Department’s decision to limit the search for Clinton’s emails and provide immunity agreements.

The Durham report’s conclusion threads together all the FBI’s bias, incompetence, corruption, and nefarious actions into one damning account. There must be consequences for such egregious abuse of power. House Republicans should issue subpoenas to the key players involved, and investigate until someone goes to jail.

It is time to restore trust in our nation’s institutions. The Durham report proves that the FBI was never the objective, professional, and apolitical agency it claimed to be. It’s time to hold them accountable for their actions and ensure that they are serving the American people, not working against them. The Democratic Party’s attempt to oust a democratically elected president with baseless accusations must never be forgotten.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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