Ex-FBI whistleblowers expose Biden administration’s abuse of power

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has once again made a significant move by orchestrating the testimonies of three former FBI officials – Garret O’Boyle, Steve Friend, and Marcus Allen. These individuals were suspended simply for daring to express their concerns, displaying immense courage as whistleblowers. Taking the spotlight on Thursday, they will disclose the alleged retaliatory measures taken by the FBI against them for speaking out against the politically biased narrative of the Biden administration.

The DailyMail has reported that these courageous men will also shed light on the deliberate manipulation of data on domestic violent extremism within the FBI, aimed at aligning with the political propaganda of the Biden administration. It’s truly astonishing, isn’t it?

If you’re seeking the unvarnished truth regarding the abuses of power witnessed by these former officials, it is highly recommended that you tune in to the hearing scheduled for Thursday at 9 a.m. ET. During this hearing, the whistle-blowers will have the opportunity to provide firsthand testimonies regarding the alleged retaliation efforts inflicted upon them by the FBI.

As reported by The DailyMail, O’Boyle and Friend previously participated in an interview with the select committee in February. In that interview, these former agents expressed deep concerns about directives from FBI leadership, which compelled them to disregard standard investigative procedures in cases related to the events of January 6th. Additionally, they accused the FBI of deliberately downplaying the significance of child sex crime cases to further their own narrative.

Moreover, the FBI stands accused of inflating domestic violent extremism statistics in order to fabricate evidence that supports the politically exaggerated narrative of the Biden administration. The former officials have strongly criticized the FBI for engaging in manipulative practices that generate false and misleading crime statistics, amounting to false official federal statements.

It is crucial that someone intervenes to halt the FBI’s deceitful actions. Regrettably, whistleblowers like Friend had their security clearances revoked in September of last year after expressing their concerns to their superiors, indicating a clear act of retaliation by the agency. As if that were not enough, O’Boyle has also had his clearance revoked. These actions are undoubtedly frustrating for those who hold conservative views.

In addition, Marcus Allen, another former FBI official who is yet to testify, is anticipated to present lawmakers with new evidence during Thursday’s hearing. This might just be the long-awaited opportunity to reveal the genuine character of the FBI.

Recently, former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin made alarming revelations about the pipe bombs discovered near the RNC and DNC buildings prior to the Capitol riot on January 6th, 2021. Seraphin asserted that these devices were non-functional and posed no genuine danger, directly contradicting the FBI’s official statement. It is truly a disastrous turn of events.

Seraphin’s testimony revealed a significant discrepancy in suspect identification, raising serious doubts about the integrity of the investigation. We all deserve to know what’s really going on!

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