Even Andrew Cuomo is Calling Out Biden’s Border Debacle

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, has criticized President Joe Biden for his handling of the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border. Cuomo stated in an interview with WABC 770 AM that the current administration has “terribly mismanaged” the crisis and that it is going to “get worse before it gets better.” Cuomo added that the crisis is “mayhem” and a “real debacle.” He stated that before inviting people into the country, the government must ensure that they have the resources to handle it.

Cuomo blamed the Biden administration’s lack of planning for their failure in handling the crisis. He contrasted it with former President Trump’s policies, which he claims created a “more controlled border” with Title 42 as “the only thing holding the floodgates back.” Cuomo pointed out that the cost of managing the border crisis is expensive, with a report from New York Post estimating it could cost taxpayers over $150 billion annually. Additionally, the New York City taxpayers alone would need to shoulder $4.2 billion.

The former Governor lamented that several Democrat-led cities, including New York City, have become “sanctuary” cities for illegal immigrants. Cuomo further added that the problem was not Mayor Eric Adams’s responsibility but President Biden’s and Governor Kathy Hochul’s, who must take responsibility. Cuomo further criticized the decision to boot homeless veterans from hotels in New York to make room for illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration is not “a free-for-all,” and it is essential to have “checks and balances,” as the country has had for years, Cuomo said.

In 2021, Cuomo resigned amid sexual harassment allegations. Nonetheless, his point of view on the southern border’s issue reflects the Republicans’ standpoint, highlighting the increasing concern about the current administration’s handling of the immigration crisis.

Source: Townhall

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