Biden’s Latest Nominee: Political Correctness Over Expertise?

President Biden continues to push his radical leftist agenda by nominating Dr. Monica Bertagnolli, a surgical oncologist and director of the National Cancer Institute, for the directorship of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This selection is just another example of the Democrats prioritizing political correctness and tokenism over experience and qualifications.

While it is admirable that Dr. Bertagnolli has dedicated her career to cancer research, there is no indication that she has the necessary experience and expertise to lead the NIH. Her background is in surgical oncology, which is only one small aspect of the NIH’s vast research portfolio. Frankly, it seems that the only reason President Biden chose her is because she is a woman.

Furthermore, it is concerning to see the President tout Dr. Bertagnolli’s work on the “Cancer Moonshot,” which is nothing more than a hollow slogan used by the left to score political points. The Biden administration has shown time and time again that they are more interested in virtue signaling than they are in actual results.

The fact that Dr. Bertagnolli would be replacing Francis Collins, who was a respected and qualified director, makes this decision even more questionable. It is unclear what type of leadership she would bring to the NIH, other than promoting the Biden administration’s woke agenda.

In conclusion, President Biden’s nomination of Dr. Bertagnolli is just another example of the Democrats putting identity politics above substance. The American people deserve better than tokenism and virtue signaling from their leaders. It is time for the Biden administration to start prioritizing competence and qualifications over political correctness.

Written by Staff Reports

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