LOL: DeSantis Trolls The Left With Tax-Free Gas Stove Proposal

The controversy over gas stoves has been a recurring political issue for the Biden administration. On Jan 9, Richard Trumka, the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said that there were potential restrictions on the use of gas stoves. However, Trumpka responded to these comments by assuring the public not to be alarmed by their use.

In response to the proposed gas stove tax, Florida Governor Rick Scott said that the state would allow residents to buy the equipment for free.

In his budget proposal, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stated that he would like to make gas stoves tax-free.

A study conducted in 2022 revealed that about 35 percent of households in the United States have gas-burning stoves. It also noted that 12.7 percent of the country's childhood asthma cases are related to the use of these appliances.

Despite the controversy surrounding gas stoves, it is not yet clear if they can be linked to childhood asthma. A number of studies conducted in 2013 did not find a link between the use of gas cooking equipment and asthma.

Some believe that restricting the use of gas stoves could help fight climate change. Rachel Golden of the Sierra Club stated that burning gas in homes and buildings could contribute to the accumulation of greenhouse gases.

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