Ivy League Campuses Plagued by Pro-Terrorist Groups During Passover

During Passover week, Ivy League schools are being infiltrated by pro-terrorist groups targeting Jewish Americans. Columbia is the main culprit, but other schools are also facing harassment from these anti-Semitic groups. The government must intervene and send in troops to put an end to this dangerous situation. These protesters are not peaceful; they openly support terrorist organizations like Hamas and engage in threatening behavior towards Jewish students and professors.

The presence of these extremist groups on college campuses is alarming and must be addressed with force. Negotiations with the protest organizers have failed, leading some schools to move classes online to avoid confrontation. However, this is not a sufficient solution to the problem at hand. Rabbis are advising Jewish students to leave Columbia, and Jewish professors are being obstructed from doing their work.

Senators Cotton and Hawley are urging the President to deploy the National Guard to restore order and ensure the safety of students. The Anti-Defamation League is also calling for police intervention to protect those targeted by the anti-Semitic mobs. The spread of Jew-hatred on campuses across the country is reminiscent of the neo-Nazi demonstration in Charlottesville and demands immediate action.

The refusal of local authorities to address the escalating crisis underscores the need for federal intervention. Protecting Jewish Americans from terrorist sympathizers should be a top priority. The use of force may be necessary to disband these hateful groups and safeguard the rights and security of all students. The President must act decisively to preserve the values of the United States and prevent anti-Semitic attacks from spreading further.

Written by Staff Reports

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