Turley Criticizes Weak Case Against Trump, Sees Double Standard in Justice

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg accused former President Donald Trump of lying about business records involving payments to a film star. This accusation has drawn attention and criticism from Trump and legal experts like Jonathan Turley. Turley mentioned that the case against Trump was baseless and should not even be in court. He highlighted that the charges brought against Trump do not hold ground with the Department of Justice.

It is important to note that the Justice Department chose not to prosecute Trump in 2021 due to lack of evidence. Turley also pointed out the hypocrisy in how Hillary Clinton’s team categorized payments for the Steele Dossier as legal expenses, which further adds to the questionable nature of the case against Trump. This shows a double standard in how similar situations are handled based on political affiliations.

Interestingly, Trump criticized the gag order imposed on him while allowing others to freely discuss the case. He deemed the restriction on his speech as unconstitutional and expressed frustration over not being able to defend himself publicly. This situation sheds light on potential biases and unfair treatment towards Trump in the legal proceedings.

It brings into question the motives behind the accusations and the validity of the case against Trump. This case highlights the importance of upholding fairness and justice for all individuals, regardless of their political background.

Written by Staff Reports

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