Joe Biden Is PANICKING As DOJ Announces New Investigation

When the FBI raided the Mar-a–Lago estate of Donald Trump last year, then-President Joe Biden called his successor an irresponsible person. He also worried about what data was in the documents that were seized.

As it turns out, Biden wasn't the best person to criticize Trump for having top-secret and classified documents in his private office. According to new reports, Biden did the same thing after he left the White House.

This revelation came after reports from CNN and CBS News, which claimed that several classified documents from Biden's time as the vice president were found in a private room last fall.

According to CNN, the National Archives, which was a key player in the investigation prior to the raid on Trump's Mar-a-lago estate, referred the matter to law enforcers.

The documents that were seized during the raid included top-secret and classified information, which was the type of information Biden referred to as irresponsible when he criticized Trump for having them in his private office.

After the documents were discovered, US Attorney General Garland assigned the Chicago office of the United States Attorney to look into them. According to CBS News, the review of the documents is a preliminary step in the investigation and the attorney general may decide to appoint a special counsel to look into the matter.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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