Ron DeSantis Unveils Plan To Keep Disney In Check

On Friday, a notice was posted on the website of the county where Disney World is located, stating that the resort would be replaced by a state-run organization.

In response, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida said that the board members of the local district should be appointed by the governor's office.

According to Taryn Fenske, the governor's communications director, Disney would no longer be able to control the government. Instead, it would be under the control of the state. The company would also be required to pay taxes.

As a result of this legislation, Disney would be required to pay around $700 million in debt.

Adrian Lukis, a former chief of staff for DeSantis, stated that the governor followed through on his campaign promise to end Disney's control over the government. He said that the company would now have to pay taxes.

A law was passed in Florida last year that ended the special governing powers of Walt Disney World. The company had opposed a new parental law that went into effect in the state. DeSantis accused Disney of lying to the public regarding the legislation.

Despite the difficulties that Disney will face, Lurkis stated that businesses in Florida would be proud of the governor for making it very clear that he does not care about their political connections.

A report in December claimed that the legislature in Florida was moving forward with the legislation that ended Disney's special powers. However, a spokesperson for DeSantis maintained that the governor does not reverse course.

A spokesperson for the governor stated that the governor did not make "U-turns" regarding the issue. He was right to remove the special powers granted to Disney by the Reedy Creek improvement district.

The legislation known as the Reedy Creek Improvements Act was passed in 1967. Disney had proposed constructing a recreation-oriented resort on 25,000 acres in Central Florida's Orange and Osceola county.

Unfortunately, the counties could not bring the project to life due to the lack of resources. Through the legislation, Disney was able to act as a county official in the Reedy Creek Improvement district.

The Reedy Creek improvement district is currently managed by a five-member board that Disney has chosen.

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