[WATCH] Biden Pleads With Heckler In Rafters: ‘Don’t Jump!’

It’s one thing when Joe Biden loses his place while he’s reading from his prepared text or wanders off-course while talking about the campaign. But when he suddenly stops his speech and tries to ask a heckler to stay put, well, Democrats have a problem.

According to a report by Maryland's Local Today, Biden ended the campaign for the governor's race in the state by holding a rally for Wes Moore, who is running against Republican Dan Cox. It was a strange choice for Biden, as Moore has a huge lead over Cox.

It was also a safe choice for Biden, as there were many Democrats running for office who didn't want him to be near them during the campaign.

In his speech, Biden told the crowd that they should remember who they are as Americans. He also used his usual "MAGA Republicans" card, which he claimed was a direct threat to democracy. He urged the crowd to get out and vote.

Biden was confronted by a heckler, who called him a disgust before the crowd shouted him down. As the heckler was being shouted down, Biden tried to convince him not to jump. He looked like he was genuinely trying to ask him to stay put.

Isn't it strange that people who despise your repeated attempts to destroy the country are also the ones who don't want to see him succeed? The heckler was quickly removed, and apparently didn't want to jump to his death.

It's also unclear why Biden tried to convince the heckler to stay put. He could have been trying to play to his usual "MAGA Republicans" shtick or he could have genuinely believed that the heckler was about to jump. Biden is clearly unfit to be the president of the United States.

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