Kamala Harris’s Hysterical Laughing Fit Sends Eyebrows Skyward: High or High Stress?

Kamala Harris, the most uninteresting politician on the scene, proved once again why she is so terrible at her job. In a recent clip, she devolved into a hysterical laughing fit that had people questioning if she was high. It happened while she was speaking in St. Louis, MO, to the state’s Democratic Party and was asked about the current economic reality (which is not good).

Her response was like a mix of The Joker and Dr. Evil. She laughed maniacally and said, “Popular, popular, popular! We just need to let everybody know who brought it to them.” This strange behavior is nothing new for Harris. She seems to have no self-awareness and constantly leans into her most unflattering characteristics. Her weird laughter and inability to understand the issues have become trademarks of her tenure.

It’s no surprise that Democrats are terrified of her potentially being the 2024 nominee. She is so terrible that they wake up in cold sweats just thinking about it. But let’s not forget that she is also wrong on the merits. The idea that “Bidenomics” is “popular” is a complete lie. Every poll shows that the Biden-Harris administration’s economic policies are deeply unpopular. Working families are suffering from high prices and skyrocketing interest rates, and no amount of messaging will change that.

As a Republican, the author encourages Harris to keep “letting everybody know” who is responsible for the economic struggles. It’s important for people to understand the impact of the Biden-Harris administration’s policies. However, the author sarcastically doubts that shouting it from the rooftops will work out well for Harris and the President. Democrats are delusional if they believe a few messaging tweaks will make people overlook the skyrocketing grocery and gas prices. It’s just not going to happen.

Written by Staff Reports

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