Kayleigh McEnany Exposes Democrat Privilege and Deep State Influence in Lettergate Scandal

Kayleigh McEnany exposed the truth about the so-called deep state in a recent interview on “Outnumbered,” claiming that the 2020 open letter from intelligence officials regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop proved its existence. According to McEnany, if you’re a democrat, you’re privileged to have a high-profile and exceptionally influential group of ex-officials who will write a letter in your support. This group includes people like Blinken, Biden’s future Secretary of State, who organized this particular letter from former intelligence officials. The media, she claimed, are entirely taken in by these letters, and if anyone tries to question them or present a contrary view, social media platforms like TikTok will ban them.

McEnany points out that if you’re a Republican, you won’t receive this type of treatment. Instead, you will get an artificial dossier that someone has compiled, and your campaign will be spied on. Furthermore, FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) will circumvent you with safeguard authorization, and the media will dutifully buy into it. This is hardly a surprising claim, particularly given the 2020 letter regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Daily Caller News Foundation authenticated one of the emails in the Biden laptop in October 2020. In the latest confirmed reports, both the New York Times and the Washington Post have authenticated the data on this laptop. Investigations into Hunter Biden’s affairs are still ongoing at the Department of Justice. Democrat voters have ultimately been left in the dark because they voted overwhelmingly for their party, ignorant of this information, which could have disastrously impacted their votes.

McEnany asks, “If you didn’t believe there was a deep state, believe it now after this story came out. It’s not just a term pedaled in the deep dark holes of the internet. It’s real. This is a crucial aspect of US politics, one that the public should be worried about, particularly given the group’s vast influence contributing to decision-making processes. Voters must choose wisely, considering all information surrounding their preferred candidate – not just the information that their party wants them to hear.

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