Newt Gringich RIPS Anti-McCarthy Group As ‘Blackmailers’

Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker, warned fellow Republicans that they could be facing the possibility of signing their own resignations if they continue to block Kevin McCarthy from becoming the next speaker.

In response, he called the members of the House who voted for other parties' candidates "blackmailers." He also stated that they would not be receiving any reward for delaying the election of the next speaker..

According to Gringrich, the members of the House who voted for other parties' candidates looked like "idiots" and would not be able to go home with a big premium if they decided to resign. If they fail to find a way to get a solution to the situation, they might get repudiated at the polls.

He accused the members of the House of blackmailing the American people and the Republican conference by delaying the House's work.

I believe that the members of the House are not blackmailing McCarthy, but they are actually blackmailing the Republican conference. According to me, they lost badly on the votes that were carried out on Tuesday, and in a free society, you would think that 20 would vote for the Republican conference, but they decided that they couldn't just threaten the party, and they blackmailed the American people.

The House was unable to elect McCarthy as the next speaker after he failed to secure the necessary 218 votes in three ballots. Out of the 19 Republicans who voted against him in the first two rounds, 20 of them voted against him in the third ballot.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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