Kamala Harris Rants about Silencing Conservatives at Tennessee Church

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, has been known for her many embarrassing gaffes and awkward laughter that have left Americans scratching their heads. However, this weekend saw her put on her worst performance yet as she went on a wild and angry rant at a church in Tennessee.

Videos emerged of Harris yelling about the expulsion of two Democratic state legislators who were involved in a recent riot on the state Capitol grounds. Harris condemned their expulsion, saying that “You don’t silence people! You don’t stifle people!” Yet, conservative commentators have pointed out that she seems to only care about silencing conservative voices, not upholding free speech for all Americans.

One such critic was Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, who accused Harris of inciting insurrection with her comments. Meanwhile, former American Immigration Lawyers Association Board of governors member Matthew Kolken called out Harris’s hypocrisy, noting that she seemed unconcerned by efforts to suppress coverage of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

Conservatives also took to social media to deride Harris’s baffling behavior at the church in Tennessee. Mike Davis, once the Senate Judiciary Committee’s chief counsel for nominations, called Harris “the loud, dumb, angry former (absentee) senator I remember well.”

It seems that Kamala Harris is more interested in silencing conservative voices than upholding free speech for all Americans. Her hypocrisy is galling, and her recent meltdown at a Tennessee church only further showed her true colors. Conservatives will continue to call her out on her flawed policies and divisive rhetoric.

Written by Staff Reports

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