MSM Runs Cover Piece For Ray Epps, J6 Democratic Operative

The liberal media will stop at nothing to push their obvious agenda to cover up the truth about what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The latest offense? A segment on the left-wing propaganda show “60 Minutes” that painted Ray Epps, one of the instigators of the riot, in a sympathetic light.

Epps, caught on camera trying to get protesters to storm the Capitol building, claims he was just trying to keep the peace. But we all know the truth: he was there to incite violence and cause chaos.

Even Fox News host Tucker Carlson has exposed Epps for the liar he is. Epps claimed he left the Capitol well before the riot started, but Carlson showed evidence that he was still there when it began.

And let’s not forget about the text Epps sent to his nephew about “orchestrating” the crowd. When “60 Minutes” asked him about it, he didn’t have a good explanation beyond “bragging” to a relative. How convenient.

But what’s most concerning is the media’s attempt to paint those who question Epps’ motives as conspiracy theorists. We have a right to know the truth about what happened that day, and Epps’ role in it.

Thankfully, the FBI has stated that Epps was never employed or sourced by the agency. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was a willing participant in the violence and destruction that occurred at the Capitol. And shame on “60 Minutes” for trying to make us feel sorry for him. The American people deserve better than this liberal propaganda.

Written by Staff Reports

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