Never-Trump Project’s Million Dollar Scheme Exposed

A former strategist from the Never-Trump Lincoln Project has called out the group for making enormous profits instead of conducting effective voter outreach. Steve Schmidt, a former co-founder of the group, was provoked to respond on Twitter to criticism by Jason Kander, an Afghanistan veteran and former Democratic politician. Kander condemned the Lincoln Project for becoming “a profit center” since Schmidt and others left. In support of Kander’s point, Schmidt tweeted that when he was at the organization in 2020, 80% of every dollar raised was spent reaching voters, but now it’s just $0.07! Co-founder Reed Galen shot back at Kander’s criticism, telling him to get in the fight or get out of the way of those who are in it every day.

The situation at the Lincoln Project is a worrying indication that these so-called Never-Trump Republicans are more concerned with financial gain than fighting the left-wing agenda. It is appalling to think that the organization, which claims to be a political action committee hell-bent on stopping the progressive wave, has become a milking cow for its cofounders. Their expenses demonstrate opulent living rather than a desire to serve the American people. The group raised $12.1 million in the 2022 cycle, a massive decline from its nearly $90 million haul in 2020. Despite this, the Lincoln Project strategists made sums ranging from the hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars during the 2022 election cycle.

It is essential that such fraudulent schemes are revealed so that the people know who is who in the current political landscape. Millions of dollars have been lost in the name of fighting the Left while some “Never-Trumpers” have established their careers by preying on unsuspecting donors. Schmidt’s announcement further highlights the underlying incentive behind this group and the enormous profits it has generated that could have been used to support the Republican party instead. It is an open secret that such shoddy deals often pinch the pockets of genuine donors, thus killing their drive to support the conservative movement. The Lincoln Project should be ashamed of its financial misconduct and its inability to live up to its promises to the American people. The real losers are the conservative voters and supporters of the party’s agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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