House Republicans Move to Hold Garland in Contempt Over Biden Investigation

Republicans in the House of Representatives are taking a stand against Attorney General Merrick Garland. They are planning a vote to hold him in contempt of Congress for not handing over audio recordings from an investigation into President Joe Biden. The Justice Department provided a transcript of the interview, but refused to release the audio despite subpoenas.

President Biden invoked executive privilege to keep the recordings private. This move is commonly used to protect the president’s decision-making process. House Republicans argue that Garland should comply with Congress’s demands for the recordings.

In the past, when an Attorney General was held in contempt, it didn’t lead to significant consequences. The Justice Department has a history of protecting officials under executive privilege. This means that even if Garland is found in contempt, it may not result in further action. 


It is clear that Garland is a partisan figure, more focused on politics than justice. Republicans see this contempt vote as a way to hold him accountable. However, with Garland’s time in office coming to an end soon, the impact may be limited.

One thing is certain: Merrick Garland will not be sitting on the Supreme Court. Senator Mitch McConnell ensured that. Republicans view this vote as a statement against Garland’s actions. Despite the symbolic nature of the vote, it highlights the ongoing tension between Congress and the executive branch.

Written by Staff Reports

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