Pentagon Puts Diversity and Climate Change at Forefront of Plan

The Strategic Management Plan for 2022 to 2026, recently published by the Department of Defense (DOD), details the actions that the department will take to implement the broader national defense strategy of the Biden administration. The plan spans 124 pages and contains comprehensive goals and performance metrics. However, it has garnered the attention of several conservative Republicans due to its emphasis on climate change and initiatives pertaining to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The Pentagon has outlined three short-term objectives to be achieved by 2022-2023 in its plan, one of which spans approximately eight pages in the document and specifically addresses managing the projected effects of climate change. The DOD aims to enhance the quantity and durability of energy sources to endure severe weather conditions related to climate change, such as constructing microgrids that utilize solar power and incorporating military installations into the DOD Climate Assessment Tool to facilitate decision-making that takes climate into account.

The second objective, which centers on creating a competent and prepared workforce, is mainly part of a broader plan for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) for 2022-2023, aimed at eliminating obstacles to career progression, fostering an atmosphere of respect and dignity, and preventing extremist conduct. The Pentagon intends to raise the presence of underrepresented minority groups in senior-level positions and career fields in the military, in addition to promoting partnerships with colleges and universities that emphasize minority recruitment.

As per the White House directive, the Pentagon, along with other federal agencies, must submit a Strategic Management Plan together with the president's yearly budget proposal to Congress. Nevertheless, numerous conservative Republicans are uncertain as to why such a significant portion of the plan is focused on addressing climate change and meeting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals.

The Biden administration’s focus on climate change and DEI initiatives is a clear attempt to push their liberal agenda on the military. It is concerning that the Pentagon is devoting so much time and resources to these initiatives when there are more pressing matters that should be addressed. It is also concerning that the Biden administration is using the military as a tool for their own political gain.

The Biden administration must prioritize enhancing the readiness and capability of our military instead of promoting their liberal agenda. The primary objective of the military should be safeguarding our country against external threats, rather than introducing progressive policies. It is crucial for the administration to prioritize national security over their political agenda.

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