Principals Slam School Board for Silencing Parent’s Voice on Opt-Out Policy

In a memorandum, the principals of schools in the MCPS wrote to their superintendents to express their concerns about the teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation in language arts books.

The principals of Montgomery County's schools expressed their concerns about the inclusion of LGBTQ+ content in the books. They cited concerns about the lack of an opt-out mechanism and the alleged "indoctrination" of the issue. They also said they were worried about the guidance that teachers were instructed to use against students who disagreed with them.

This news is very concerning and shows the ongoing push to indoctrinate our kids. It is outrageous that the MCPS would prevent parents from exercising their right to choose not to have their kids read inappropriate books. Parents have a right to be concerned about how these books can affect their kids' religious and moral beliefs.

The goal is to make sure that students are not exposed to any explicit discussions about gender identity or sexual orientation when they are young.

The messages that the MCPS promotes in these books are not aligned with the actual content of the materials. This issue has raised serious questions about the school system's ability to provide a comprehensive education to our children.

It's encouraging to see that organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are advocating for a mechanism that would allow parents to opt out of the curriculum if they are concerned about the content. This issue should be supported by everyone who values the importance of parental rights and transparency in education. The MCPS should take the necessary steps to ensure that our kids are not subjected to forced indoctrination.

Written by Staff Reports

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Principals Slam School Board for Silencing Parent’s Voice on Opt-Out Policy