Shock Report: Are the FBI Now Tagging Catholics as Domestic Terrorists?

In a shocking revelation, it has been revealed that multiple FBI field offices have been targeting mainstream Catholics as “domestic terrorists.” The House Judiciary GOP, led by Chairman Jim Jordan and Chairman Mike Johnson, released information showing that the FBI’s Richmond Field Office collaborated with other field offices to produce a memorandum labeling ordinary Catholics as a threat to national security.

This disturbing revelation comes after the FBI was forced to retract the original memo earlier this year. FBI Director Christopher Wray had previously testified that the memo was the work of a single office, but it is now clear that the Portland and Los Angeles field offices were also involved.

This revelation raises serious concerns about the FBI’s abuse of power and intrusion on Americans’ First Amendment rights. It is deeply troubling to think that the agency tasked with protecting our country would engage in what can only be described as religious persecution.

As Americans, we should all be alarmed by these actions. Our Founders fought for religious liberty and enshrined it in the Bill of Rights. The FBI’s attempt to target mainstream Catholics goes against everything our country stands for.

This is not the first time the FBI’s questionable policies and corruption have come to light, and it surely won’t be the last. It is crucial that we continue to hold our law enforcement agencies accountable and demand transparency. The American people deserve better.

It remains to be seen how Director Wray will respond to these alarming revelations, but it is clear that swift and decisive action is needed to address this issue. As this story continues to develop, RedState will provide updates on the FBI’s actions and any further evidence of corruption within the agency. Stay tuned.

Written by Staff Reports

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