SHOCKING: U.S. Reaches Over 1.5 MILLION Asylum Claims

As the US government prepares to decide the fate of the Title 42 immigration legislation, the backlog of claims by illegal aliens seeking asylum has reached 1.5 million.

According to the New York Post, the total number of people seeking asylum in the US is 1,565,966. The majority of these are individuals who are currently waiting for hearings in the immigration courts of the US Department of Justice.

A study conducted by a research organization at the University of Syracuse revealed that the main reason for the increase in the number of asylum-seekers is due to the political instability in various countries in Latin America, such as Venezuela, Haiti, and Mexico.

The number of people seeking asylum in the US has significantly increased over the past ten years. From 2012 to 2022, the number of cases has increased from 100,000 to over 700,000.

The study conducted by the TRAC noted that the number of asylum-seekers would increase even more if the Biden Administration stops implementing Title 42. The Trump administration implemented this policy at the start of the coronavirus pandemic because it believed that public health would benefit from reducing illegal and legal immigration into the country.

Despite the positive effects of the policy, which reduced the number of immigrants entering the country, Joe Biden vowed to end it once he became the new US president.

The Supreme Court prevented the implementation of the policy on Monday, as it was set to end. While the court ruled that the policy could remain in place, a coalition of Republican-controlled states will be making a case in February to preserve it.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Greatness.

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