Top Dems Pressure Biden Admin for More Weapons to Ukraine

Top Democrats in Congress praised the Biden administration's decision to provide Ukraine with equipment and weapons, according to a report by Defense One.

Some Democrats are pushing the president to speed up the transfers and allow for the faster movement of more significant items.

Despite the US' efforts to provide Kyiv with heavy weapons, such as tanks and F-16 fighter jets, the administration has not authorized the use of long-range missiles against Russia.

The report noted that some Democrats were unhappy with the slow pace of deliveries of tanks to Ukraine. They also accused the administration of being too cautious.

One of the most vocal proponents of providing advanced weaponry to Ukraine is Jason Crow of Colorado. He noted that the transfer of tanks should be expedited. According to Crow, the DPC Act and other innovative tools should be used to speed up the process. Some Democrats also urged the administration to grant Ukraine access to cluster munitions.

Despite the administration's previous rejection of Kyiv's requests for the use of cluster munitions, Congressman Adam Smith of Washington stated that he was open to the possibility of allowing them to be used to end the conflict in Ukraine.

According to a study conducted by the Foundation for Defense Democracies, cluster munitions are capable of disabling enemy positions and causing casualties. However, they can also pose a threat to civilians due to the failure of the sub-munition to detonate properly. More than a hundred countries have banned the use of these weapons.

According to Smith, he doesn't share the concerns of the administration about giving Ukraine long-range ATACMS. He noted that there are currently around 400 ATACMs being manufactured annually, and this could increase to 500 per year.

According to Defense One, Crow noted that Ukraine's long-term security should be prioritized, and that the country should be made a "porcupine" that can't be swallowed. He also said that the US should provide Ukraine with a comprehensive defensive system that would prevent Russia from entering the country. It is believed that there are some Democrats in Congress who are unhappy with the way the Biden administration is handling the situation regarding the weapons for Ukraine.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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