Trump Eyes Whatley for RNC Chief to Secure 2024 Victory!

Donald Trump, the former president, has given a big hint about who he wants to head the Republican National Committee. According to a source close to Fox News Digital, Trump is quietly pushing for Michael Whatley, the current North Carolina GOP Chair, to take over the reins from Ronna McDaniel.

Why Whatley? Well, according to the source, Trump is really impressed with Whatley’s stance on election fraud. Apparently, Whatley was all about keeping the voting process on the up and up in North Carolina, even with a Democrat governor in charge. And we all know how much Trump likes to talk about election fraud and the need for “protected ballots.” Trump is laser-focused on making sure the next election is, in his words, “safe.”

In a move that surprises no one, Trump took to his Truth Social account to give McDaniel a pat on the back for her past work but then dropped the bombshell that fresh blood is needed at the RNC to take down those crafty Democrats in 2024. And let’s face it, if anyone knows about primaries, it’s Trump. He practically owned the GOP primaries during his time in office.

A big wig within the RNC spilled the tea to Fox News Digital that if Trump keeps racking up those primary wins, the 168 committee members will follow his lead in lockstep. 

ABC News dropped the bombshell that McDaniel and Trump chatted about her possibly stepping down. The vice chair of the North Carolina Republican Party is already throwing her support behind Whatley. She’s practically singing his praises and promising that he’s the man to bring Trump to victory in 2024. With a track record like that, why wouldn’t Trump give Whatley the ol’ thumbs up?


Written by Staff Reports

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