Trump Makes EPIC 1st Campaign Promise

If elected, Donald Trump vowed to wage war on drug gangs.

During his speech on Thursday, Trump said that he would treat drug gangs the same way he would treat ISIS. He noted that Joe Biden caters to the cartels.

In a video, Trump criticized Biden for supporting the policies of Mexican drug gangs. He called them a deadly betrayal of the country.

Trump accused Biden of supporting the policies of the drug gangs. He stated that as president, he would take on the cartels and similar to what he did when he took down ISIS, he would also strengthen the border.

In response, Trump said he would send the military to carry out covert actions and cyber warfare against the drug gangs.

Trump accused Biden of allowing the country to be overrun by illegal immigrants and drug gangs due to his policies. He promised to go after the drug lords and destroy them.

In response, Trump said that the drug lords and their vicious followers would never sleep well again under his administration.

Biden criticized how the country's border security has been looked at globally. He noted that it used to be regarded with respect.

In addition to threatening countries that don't cooperate with the US, Trump also said that he would expose foreign leaders who are involved in corruption.

As Biden was addressing the issue of illegal immigration, he said that he would be visiting the southern border.

He announced new measures to address the issue of illegal immigration. Although these won't fix the entire situation, they can help manage it.

These include the reinstatement of Title 42, which provides humanitarian parole for certain Venezuela nationals. It will also allow 30,000 individuals from Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua to be paroled into the US for two years. The individuals must have a sponsor and pass other terms to be released.

The measures also include increasing the number of refugees from the Caribbean and Latin American countries that will be resettled in the US. This goal is to reach 20,000 by 2024.

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