Jon Stewart Criticizes Biden’s Age and Cognitive Skills in Scathing Daily Show Rant

On a recent episode of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart went on a rant about President Joe Biden’s age, questioning his cognitive abilities and slamming his campaign’s dishonesty. Stewart didn’t hide his disdain, saying that dismissing concerns about Biden’s age undermines confidence in the government. He criticized Biden’s performance in the debate, comparing it to dealing with aging parents and calling it a “shocking display of cognitive difficulty.”

Stewart didn’t shy away from taking jabs at former President Donald Trump either, labeling him as “bad since he started” but acknowledging that Trump met expectations during the debate by being “crazy.” In contrast, Stewart found Biden’s struggles to articulate his thoughts stunning and unbelievable. He accused Biden’s campaign of spinning the debate narrative with “blatant bullsh*t” instead of having an honest conversation with the American people.

Furthermore, Stewart raised concerns about the lack of a real primary challenge for Biden, pointing out that he only faced off against Rep. Dean Phillips. He warned that an establishment unwilling to address voters’ concerns could also threaten democracy, aside from the dangers of authoritarianism and Trump. Stewart called for people to either support Biden or “shut the [bleep] up,” criticizing the campaign’s excuses for Biden’s poor debate performance.

In the end, Stewart argued that there should be a vote to determine if Biden should remain the Democratic nominee. His harsh assessment of Biden’s abilities and his campaign’s tactics highlighted a growing skepticism and frustration among some over the current administration’s transparency and honesty. The criticisms from a prominent figure like Jon Stewart add fuel to the ongoing debate about Biden’s leadership and the future of the Democratic Party.

Written by Staff Reports

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