Trump Raises $12M in Silicon Valley Fundraiser Drawing Wealthy Tech Donors

Former President Donald Trump is gaining a lot of support for his next run for president in 2024. Just The News reported that a fundraiser Trump held in Silicon Valley brought in a whopping $12 million. Even though this amount is small compared to the $200 million he raised after his recent guilty verdict, the location of this fundraiser makes it a big deal.

San Francisco, California is known to be a stronghold for liberal Democrats, so Trump’s success in securing funds there is quite surprising. It goes to show that his popularity is not waning despite recent legal troubles.

What’s interesting is that the money raised in this fundraiser did not come from regular citizens of the city, but rather from wealthy donors with connections to Silicon Valley. This is a departure from Trump’s usual support base of small donors.

Prominent figures like David Sacks, Shaun Maguire, Elon Musk, and others from Silicon Valley have thrown their weight behind Trump. Their reasons vary from concerns about the economy to the Democrats’ handling of legal issues.

This support from the tech industry for Trump marks a significant change from his 2016 campaign, where he had limited backing in Silicon Valley. With this increasing support from various sectors of society, it raises doubts about President Biden’s chances in the upcoming election against Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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