WATCH: Did “Sleepy Joe” Biden Actually Doze Off During MSNBC Interview?

When Joe Biden was asked if his wife, Jill, wanted him to run for president in 2024, he took several seconds to answer.

Critics of the president claim that Biden “zoned out” during the interview, and it shows that his mental faculties are starting to decline.

During an interview with MSNBC, Biden was asked if he was planning on running for president in 2024. He said that he had not made a decision yet, but he noted that he and his family have time to make it.

After the reporter asked Biden’s wife, Jill, about her husband’s possible presidential run in 2024, Biden either nodded or looked at his head as he answered. Several seconds passed before the reporter prompted an answer from the president.

The reporter was reportedly startled by Biden’s behavior. He reportedly became alert as he spoke, prompting him to utter the phrase “ope!”

The interaction was posted to various social media platforms, where critics claimed that it was another example of the president’s apparent lack of knowledge. One of the clips, which can be found on the Twitter account of the conservative news outlet RNC Research, has gained over 7 million views.

Some people, however, noted that the clip showed Biden falling asleep. Others, on the other hand, referred to him as “Sleepy Joe,” which was a nickname given to him by Donald Trump during their run against each other in 2020.

Another critic noted that the clip showed Biden displaying signs of dementia. The Daily Mail, on the other hand, referred to the president’s pause as an awkward moment.

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